T. C. Hunt


Born: April 7, 1926 – Greensboro , NC

1952 – From the grandstands of the “New Atlanta Speedway” in Jonesboro , Georgia , he admired the driving ability of racing hall of famer Gober Sosebee, enough so, he asked Gober how to get into racing.1952 – On the advice of Sosebee, attended the driving school at Atlanta ’s Peach Bowl Speedway operated by Jerry Wimbish. He graduated in one weekend.

1957 – Won the points title Sportsman Division of MARC (Midwest Auto Racing Club – now “ARCA”).

1961 – Became member of the exclusive Pure Gasoline Darlington Record Club. In one of his few starts on the premier NASCAR series, placed a very independent Dodge in the field at a record time for that make of vehicle. Driving as an independent, finished fourth in the newly formed NASCAR Grand American Series, while still missing 2 (not enough funds) important point races in California and Pennsylvania (was leading the series in August)

1952-1975, racing so similar to the type of Hall of Famers represented by Roz Howard, Charlie Mincey and Eddie MacDonald, he had tons of feature event wins all over the Southeast, particularly in Georgia . He raced mostly on a three races a week schedule. In those days you just couldn’t, or didn’t, keep and record them all. Nor can you go back to each event on micro-film and expect to find them. T.C. was known throughout the racing world. Livings such as Georgia ’s Ronnie Sanders, Alabama ’s Bobby Allison, Tennessee ’s Harold Fryar, and the list goes on. They all attested at one time or another few could manhandle a car like T.C. Hunt. All he knew was flat out and turn left. Once his car owner J.C. “Doody” Bugg told the heavy footed Hunt to please let his engine breathe, just a little. T.C. turned and said, “That’s just fine, “Doodley,” from now on call me “ole cushin’ foot’.”

T.C. passed in 1995 and has been missed.

J.C. Bugg's sedan ready to race in 1960 season.


T.C. out  front of Herman Wise, Freddy Fryar and Charlie Mincey at Peach Bowl in Atlanta early '60's.


T.C. driving a Bud Lunsford sedan.


T.C. in the "Bad Goat" skeeter


T.C. and Bill Hemby got their bumpers hooked together during restart at Atlanta's Peach Bowl in 1961.