Buck Simmons #41

Buck Simmons of Baldwin is nothing less than a Georgia legend.  Simmons has more than 1,000 dirt track wins, and is a member of the National Dirt Hall of Fame and was a 2009 inductee to the Georgia Racing Hall Of Fame.    

Simmons learned to win early on, taking the win in his third career start at Westminster, S.C. enroute to his next 999 victories, Simmons beat some of the best stock car drivers on dirt or on asphalt. He beat out Bobby Allison and Cale Yarborough in an asphalt late model event at Baton Rouge, La.  He defeated the legendary Dale Earnhardt on a dirt track at Hartsville-Darlington, S.C. Simmons also competed on the Sprint Cup circuit, racing in several super-speedway events in 1979 and 1980.     

Simmons won on dirt and asphalt tracks all across the southeast, and was the 1981 National Dirt Racing Association champ.  He also took wins in events for the United Dirt Track Racing Association and the Southern All-Stars.  

When Simmons climbed out of his legendary number 41 for the last time in 2003, he had amassed 1012 victories.

At the age of 12, Buck Simmons knew that he would be destined as a pro race car driver. Encouraged by his father Amos, Buck started racing go carts at this young age, and became very successful at maneuvering his way to first place every time. At the age of 16, Buck started racing a real race car on dirt tracks in north Georgia. His career flourished and still today he is remembered as being one of the most famous race car drivers in America's history, putting himself into the hall of fame, with over 1000 wins!!   



Buck's first race car at the young age of 16.


Buck Simmons and Wendell Roach late 50's.


Buck in Wendell's coupe with one on his tail.



Wendell and Buck with the 1932 three window coupe that Wendell bought from a man in Gainesville, GA. Bud Lunsford built the car. It was the first car Wendell had with fuel injection and also, the first fuel injection car that Buck drove.



A really young Buck with legendary driver and car builder Bud Lunsford.




Buck and Tootle at Rutherford County Speedway '65.

Skeeter built and owned by James Bradberry of Athens, GA driven by Buck Simmons. 







Full body sedan March 1966.

James "Jabo" Bradberry and Buck posed by racecar, picture taken at Cherokee Speedway in Gaffney, SC.


Rutherford County Speedway

This picture was taken at Jacksonville, FL as they raced their way back up from Tampa, FL. The track at Jacksonville would put down burnt motor oil to keep the dust down and if you close in front of the rear tire you can see where the motor oil off the rear tire has covered over some of the Athens, GA lettering.  


Not a big fan of restored vintage racing cars, but here's a couple of the full bodied sedan shown above. The body (not sure about the frame) was built and raced at Athens Speedway by the Watson brothers. It was gold #30 driven by Walter "Buke" Beussee during the mid-60's.