Charlie Burkhalter #75


Charlie's first race car full bodied sedan in 1959.


Charlie gets tangled-up in the middle of turns one and two at Athens Speedway.


Charlie gets faster with a lighter '34 Ford coupe for the 1962 season at Athens Speedway.



Charlie takes checkered flag for one of many wins at Athens Speedway during the '62 season. 



Business picks up as Charlie moves into the Sportsman division with this "Skeeter" type in 1963.

This picture was taken outside the shop with the hood off. Notice this car has a Ford flathead. Charlie was one of the best "flathead" engine builders in the early sixties and won a lot of races because of his driving skills and his ability to get the most out of his engines. What a beautiful racing machine!


Charlie Padgett with Charlie Burkhalter hot on his heels at Athens Speedway in 1964.


Burkhalter moves down Padgett for the lead.


Charlie Burkhalter takes another win at Athens Speedway in 1964.



1966 Athens Speedway



Athens Speedway 1967, the last year these type skeeters ran at Athens. 

Speedway moved on to Late Model cars in mid-1967 season.  

(Standing) Charles Whitlock, Ray Watson and George Shattuck. (Sitting) Herman Dove.

 (Kneeling) Roger Watson and Donald Whitlock. 

That's Charlie Burkhalter in the background with white t-shirt and trademark hat leaning on his Ford truck.


Ray Watson


1967 Athens Speedway




Picture taken 12-18-2009 behind shop around Danielsville, GA. 

Charles Burkhalter Jr. is in process of restoring this car.




Charlie's Super modified ready for the track in 1968.



Charlie and his Super Modified ready to race at Athens Speedway in 1968. Car was built by Watson brothers (with a little help from Herman Wise) and was never raced until it was sold to Eugene and Charlie Burkhalter. Charlie won a lot of races in this machine.