Design your own custom decals.

Have you always wanted to build a model of your favorite local driver but just didnít have a way to get the correct markings? 

Well, maybe I can help you out. 

Whatís needed:


1.        A picture is worth a 1000 words. If your subject is a current car and you can take photos of the actual car, things will be fairly simple. You can use any camera, but the better quality picture the better the decals will be. If youíre using a film camera you can send me the developed pictures for me to scan (I will return photos with decals) or you can scan them yourself and email me the pictures. Please use JPEG or GIF format. If youíre using a digital camera, you can just send me the pictures. Again, please use JPEG or GIF file format. 



2.       How to take the picture. When taking your picture, take close-ups instead of from a distance and take care not to take the picture at an angle. For example, if you are taking a picture of the car number on the door, get close enough so that the number fills up your viewfinder and remember to position yourself directly in front of the door, not at an angle. Do this for any logos or any other special drawings.



3.      What about the lettering on the car? Donít worry too much about the lettering on the car. I have a large library of fonts that I can use to reproduce the sponsor lettering. Just make sure to take a picture of the whole car : Driver side, front of car, passenger side and back of car. Just to be on the safe side, you may want to write down the lettering and driver name and email to me.



4.      The car is no longer in existence, but I have some old photos. Well, weíll use what we have in this case. Again, you can send me the pictures for me to scan, or if you have a scanner, you scan them and email them to me. Please write out all the information on the car, the sponsor, driver, etcÖ  If the photo is black and white, make sure to let me know the color of the car and markings.



5.      What if I donít have a picture of the car? Youíre not totally out of luck. If you basically remember what the numbers looked like and who sponsored the car we can get pretty close to the actual car.  If you can identify some numbers on an existing car or numbers from any printed source, such as a calendar or advertisement that are close to what was on the car, we can use those.



6.      How much does it cost? I charge $35 to produce a set of decals. A set of decals is defined as the door and roof numbers, logos, sponsorship lettering, hood markings (429 C.I.) and driver name. I do not include fender markings or other decals that are readily available. Money must be paid up front.



7.      How do I get started and what should I do first? Well, first of all, email me at Decal-man@decal-man.com and let me know what you want done. Please include your name and phone number and a convenient time to call, so we can discuss  the details of your project.



8.      How do I know the decals will meet my expectations. I will send you a proof of the decal before I print them for you to approve. I can make changes based upon your review.



9.      Just exactly how do you make these decals. The decals are printed on an ALPS MD 1000 color printer. These printers use a dry ink that is water soluble. Originally, these printers were designed to produce color overhead projection slides for business presentations.  The fact the ink is water soluble and will adhere to glossy-finish paper such as decal paper makes these printers an excellent choice to make waterslide decals.



10.   What about the quality of the decals? OK, you got me here. These decals are not the same quality as screen-printed decals that come in the kits we buy or the after-market ones that are available. But they are a lot better than trying to do them by hand. Heck, if youíre not satisfied, Iíll give you your money back!


11. Using the ALPS MD-1000 to print your own decals.