Tootle Estes #6

Herb "Tootle" Estes was nicknamed "Tootle" by his grandmother when he was a small child growing up around Knoxville, TN. It was in the mid-fifties that he started roaming the pits of Broadway Speedway trying to garner a ride. A couple of years later he had a full time ride and never really had a full time job. Tootle won many races in East Tenn. before venturing into North GA. and running at such tracks as Athens Speedway, Boyd's Speedway, Cleveland (TN), Toccoa, Banks County and Anderson. Tootle brought the 1934 Ford Sedan of Ace Lawson's to Greenwood, S.C. and won, he won the next night at Anderson, S.C. and then at Toccoa the next night. This went on for 16 straight races until he wrecked the car . He came back the following week and started winning again. "Tootle" was competing against some of the best including Buck Simmons, Bud Lunsford, Charlie Mincey, Harold Fryar, T.C. Hunt and Herman Wise. In 1982 after winning the feature race at a track in East Tenn. "Tootle" suffered a massive heart attack in the parking lot of the Speedway. He never recovered. "Tootle" was like a lot of racers of his day, he lived hard and drove harder. The big difference was the he won so many races.

1934 Ford Sedan of Ace Lawson's that won 16 straight races in the late 50's.


Tootle with fellow driver Ivan Stephens.


Early '60s Skeeter.





Tootle beside James (Jabo) Bradberry built #6 skeeter.




 These cut-down sedans were built and owned by James (Jabo) Bradberry of Athens, GA. shown here (far right) after winning at the Peach Bowl in 1962. 

Eugene Burkhalter is in middle. Tootle with his white buck shoes on.


Peach Bowl May 1962.



Fuel injected Supermodified at speed.


Another win for Tootle.


"Tootle" edges out Freddy Fryar at Cleveland (TN) Speedway May 19, 1962.


Tootle sits in pits prior to qualifying for race in Savanna, GA.  


Tootle (#6) and Jabez Jones (#08)  battle for position.


'32 Ford coupe on trailer April 1966 shown racing below. 

Rutherford County Speedway '65

Tootle #6, Buck Simmons #41 and Howard Corbin #2